Everything You Wanted to Know About Gelato

What is gelato?

Gelato is the Italian word for Ice cream! It may seem similar to ice cream, but gelato is entirely from a different origin and production process.

Why is gelato a healthier choice than ice cream?

The main difference is the cream, or the lack thereof. Ice cream is made from cream, which has 18-35% fat content, and gelato is produced from milk 8-10% fat content and fruit flavours are 100% vegan. Our Gelato flavours only use authentic ingredients including fresh fruits, nuts, cocoa etc. There are no artificial flavours, and our products consist of genuine imported ingredients from Italy, thus, the consistency of our flavours is always the same.

Does your gelato contain allergens that may come into contact with other flavours?

Allergens include the following: Milk, Soia protein, Eggs and Nuts.

What are your Ingredtians in your gelato?

Milk, Milk powder, Sugar, Dextrose, Nuts paste, Eggs, Glucose Syrup, Maltodextrin, Caruba and Guar seeds, Fruit, Flavours, Colorant.

What is the purpose of dextrose?

Dextrose keeps the gelato cold and smooth.

What is Nuts Paste?

We use Pistachio paste which is made from 100% natural pistachios; it is less oily than pistachio butter and contains no salts, sugar or other ingredients.

Which gelato flavours have milk?

All dairy flavours gelato contain milk and milk powder.

Does your fruit flavour gelato contain milk?

Fruit flavours do not contain milk.

Is there any SOIA present in both fruit and cream gelatos?

Soy protein is present in all fruit flavours and some dairy flavours expressly indicated on the label.

Are they any eggs in your gelato?

Eggs are present only in specifically dairy flavours as expressly indicated on the label.

Are there any gelato flavours that contain eggs and milk pasteurized?


Are there any NUTS in your gelato?

Nuts as Almonds, Pine nut, Pistachio, Hazelnut, Walnut are contained only in special dairy flavour as expressly indicated on the label.

Does your gelato have gluten?

Most of our flavours are gluten-free. Upon request, we can provide a list of which gelato contains gluten, egg, liqueur or nuts.

Are there any peanuts in your gelato?

We are a Peanut-free facility.

Do your gelato cakes contain nuts?

We have options when it comes to our gelato cakes. One of the gelato cakes has hazelnuts and Nutella in them.

Do you deliver outside the GTA?

Please visit www.lovegelato.ca to see if we deliver to your postal code.

Do you have sugar-free gelato flavours?

Sugar-free options are available on our website at www.lovegelato.ca. We usually create a new flavour every second month to keep the sugar-free lineup exciting and current.

What is your sugar-free substitute?

A Natural substitute called eurthmacal.

Do you have Keto-Friendly Gelato?

We do have keto-friendly gelato.

Is the alcohol-infused gelato safe for people under 19 years of age?

The alcohol is cooked off during the pasteurization process. Safe for anyone under the age of 19.

Should I worry about cross-contamination between nut and milk flavours?

We can not guarantee that there won’t be cross-contamination between nut/milk flavours.

Why does my gelato tub have a grainy or Icy texture?

At our cafe, we maintain strict freezer temperature control of our products. Once our product leaves our store with the customer, we do not have control over the care of how the product is handled.

Are your gelato cups and spoons recyclable?


What is your serving size for your prepackaged cups?

80 grams.

I placed online order when can I expect it?

You can specify the date of delivery on checkout! Select a date and time that's convenient for you.

What happens when a flavour is not available?

We try our best to contact you and inform you of alternative options. In the event that we can not reach you, we will substitute for another flavour that is in your order.

How do I send sponsorship proposals?

Please email us your sponsorship proposal for consideration at hello@lovegelato.ca

I have a question that’s not listed here. What should I do?

Please feel free to email us hello@lovegelato.ca

Why can’t I get a prepackaged cup online of Keto flavours?

Keto Gelato now comes in Takeout Tubs only.