Spreading love in Markham & beyond since 2013.

As our name suggests, we Love Gelato! The love for the traditional Italian dessert is what helped us evolve our company. We have been spreading the love from our cafe to events of all types, with one single mission in mind 'to ensure we offer our clients the best quality products, while providing the most unique and genuine customer experience.

Humble beginnings with a taste for perfection.

Our gelato was born in Rome - Italy some 35 years ago, where our dear chef has been perfecting their craft, with a passion and desire for finest quality ingredients. This drive and determination helped us create the most unique and authentic taste of Italy, which in the process helped us win the award for Best Gelato in Ontario 2019.

New location & experience.

Having been serving Markham for the last 8 years, we have always craved for a location which would not only feel like a unique taste of Italy on the inside, but on the outside as well.

In January 2021 we moved to our new location at 116 Main Street North, steps away from our old spot. All you have to do is take a peek down the alleyway and you will be transported into an Italian side-street hideaway.

Welcome to our new home!

Looking to bring a taste of Italy to your event?

Our Love Gelato Events team makes this possible with a variety of setups sure to make you and your guests left craving for more!

From traditional gelateria setups to unique and awe-inspiring ice sculptures, our team fully customizes your dessert experience, filling your senses with our one-of-a-kind presentation and the very best gelato in the world!

Experience true love with Love Gelato.